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Construction Support Services

AMERIGEO, Inc. provides special inspection and instrumentation and monitoring services to owners, architects, engineers, and contractors on small to large, private, and public projects throughout the tri-state region and the greater New York City. We are aware of the risks and responsibilities in the construction industry. We therefore ensure that our inspectors conduct their work in accordance with approved drawings, specifications, pertinent codes and standards such as OSHA regulations, New York City Building and Construction Code, ASTM, International Building Code, and NY and NJ DOT Codes.

  • Support of Excavation

    • Shoring

    • Underpinning

  • Concrete and Steel Construction

  • Small to Medium Size Bridge/Building Inspection

  • Concrete and Steel Structure Rehabilitation

  • Pile Construction

  • Instrumentation

  • Preconstruction Survey

  • Soil-structure Interaction Analysis

    • Construction Impact Study

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